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BOXIT - A trial looking at standard treatment with or without celecoxib for transitional cell bladder cancer

This trial is comparing standard treatment and celecoxib with standard treatment alone for bladder cancer. It is recruiting people with a very early type of bladder cancer that doctors call superficial transitional cell bladder cancer.

Doctors usually treat superficial transitional cell bladder cancer by removing the cancer (tumours) from the bladder. Doctors call this procedure a trans urethral resection of bladder tumours, or TURBT. Some people will also have treatment into the bladder (intravesical). For example, intravesical chemotherapy or intravesical BCG. Despite this treatment, some people have an increased risk of their bladder cancer coming back (recurring).

Doctors think that adding celecoxib to standard treatment may reduce the risk of recurrence and so improve treatment. Celecoxib is a type of drug called a COX 2 inhibitor. It is a type of anti-inflammatory drug. COX 2 inhibitors block the action of a protein that may help cancer cells to grow.

In this trial people will have standard treatment and either

Celecoxib or
a dummy drug (placebo).

The trial aims to find out if adding celecoxib to standard treatment will be even better at stopping the cancer from growing back.

Doctors also want to learn more about the side effects of celecoxib.

Start date: 1 Nov 2007
Finish date: 1 Nov 2011
Chief Investigator - Prof John Kelly, UCLH
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